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  1. An in detail look at the operation to correct a curved spine.
  2. From spots to patches, and in many different shapes and sizes, rashes take the topic for this video.
  3. We take an in detail look at the operation to correct a childhood squint.
  4. An in detail look at the operation to correct excessive dribbling in a toddler.

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Episode 4

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4

The doctors see cases of constipation, phobias and excessive dribbling, whilst Dr Christian tackles the country's obesity problems.

Misshapen head

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 3

In episode 3 the doctors deal with a curved spine, allergic reactions and a child with a misshapen head.

Episode 2

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 2

The clinic open its doors with cases of hip dysplasia, warts, alopecia and a very itchy bottom.

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Hi I'm an adult and have head live I comb them out the itching ma gone and I feel fine only 10-12 came out and loads of little black things are they gone? I can you head …

ive been having stomach cramps for the past 7 days they come and go throughout the day ive been taking citalpram but now ive came of them but still get the cramps dont no…

Hi, I am 15 years old and my problem is that my foreskin is quite tight. However, I am able to pull it back while flaccid and I clean it regularly but when I am hard it d…

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I'm 16 and I've walked on my toes since I started walking. When I was 3 or so, my parents took me to a doctor who told them I would grow out of it. They were uneasy, but decided to trust the doctor because he's a doctor, he must know what he's talking about right? Well, when I was 6 or 7, I still hadn't grown out of it so my parents took me to children's mercy hospital. I ended up having surgery on my Achilles tendons, to lengthen them. I had casts on both my legs for months, I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night because my legs weren't used to sitting normal. Well, I'm 16 now, and my tendons are long enough to walk flat footed, but I still walk tip-toed out of habit sometimes. My legs don't get stiff, my back never hurts, and my feet are pretty big (size 12) so no stunted growth. But my toes naturally sit pointed up like when normal feet are pointing their toes up. And when I point my toes up, I might as well be putting them against a wall. So yeah my toes grew in wrong and that's about the only thing that's wrong with me now. So they fixed me? I'm not sure if I should get my toes corrected or what?

What is the name of the cream you can use to cure tight foreskin? and where can you get it?

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