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  1. Dr Christian discusses the commonest ear, nose and throat infections to affect children.
  2. We take an in detail look at the operation to correct a childhood squint.
  3. In this video Dr Christian discusses allergies: what they are, what their consequences are, and how they can be treated.
  4. Under discussion in this video are parasites: organisms that feed off other living bodies for their own nutrition.

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Episode 4

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4

The doctors see cases of constipation, phobias and excessive dribbling, whilst Dr Christian tackles the country's obesity problems.

Misshapen head

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 3

In episode 3 the doctors deal with a curved spine, allergic reactions and a child with a misshapen head.

Episode 2

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 2

The clinic open its doors with cases of hip dysplasia, warts, alopecia and a very itchy bottom.

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Hi im Pete, 16 and have a problem and a few questions. When erected my Foreskin is attached to the tip of my penis by a little overhang sometimes my penis is sore because…

I'm 15 nearly 16 years old and in year 11 at school and only a few days ago I found I have nots but when I was in year 8 I was able to get rid of the bits in my hair but …

I have several mouth ulcers, on my tongue, lips and gums. Ive had these for 4 days. Ive used salt water solution but it doesnt seem to be working. What else can i do?…

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Hi Jack. Take regular warm baths or showers and all you have to do is gradually stretch it. Simple as...you'll be sorted in a few months. Hope this helps

hi on my penis where the urine comes out and its red also on my foreskin sometimes the end feels a little bit itchy also i can't pull my foreskin back that far im 14

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