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  1. Dr Christian Jessen explores childhood obesity and the ways in which it can be prevented.
  2. A look at the realities of life for two severely autistic children and their parents.
  3. Dr Christian discusses the commonest ear, nose and throat infections to affect children.
  4. In this video Dr Christian discusses allergies: what they are, what their consequences are, and how they can be treated.

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Episode 4

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4

The doctors see cases of constipation, phobias and excessive dribbling, whilst Dr Christian tackles the country's obesity problems.

Misshapen head

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 3

In episode 3 the doctors deal with a curved spine, allergic reactions and a child with a misshapen head.

Episode 2

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 2

The clinic open its doors with cases of hip dysplasia, warts, alopecia and a very itchy bottom.

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hi I'm 14 and I have just noticed white worms in my poo and around my anus, I'm am really scared and embarrassed about it, I don't want my family knowing- is there any me…

I am a 14 year old female I am not sexually active but I'm having trouble urinating... I have a minor eating disorder. I hardly eat, is this causing my problem? Or do I h…

My son is 11 and walks on the side of his foot. Is this classed as for walking? Should I take him to the gp? …

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Hi Jack. Take regular warm baths or showers and all you have to do is gradually stretch it. Simple as...you'll be sorted in a few months. Hope this helps

I found a spot on my penis and not sure what it is. It is at the back of the penis and is getting more redness to it. What should I do?

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