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  1. We take an in detail look at the operation to correct a childhood squint.
  2. A look at the realities of life for two severely autistic children and their parents.
  3. Under discussion in this video are parasites: organisms that feed off other living bodies for their own nutrition.
  4. An in detail look at the operation to correct excessive dribbling in a toddler.

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Episode 4

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4

The doctors see cases of constipation, phobias and excessive dribbling, whilst Dr Christian tackles the country's obesity problems.

Misshapen head

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 3

In episode 3 the doctors deal with a curved spine, allergic reactions and a child with a misshapen head.

Episode 2

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 2

The clinic open its doors with cases of hip dysplasia, warts, alopecia and a very itchy bottom.

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I cant quite find the topic I need so please feel free to move my question to a more appropriate board. my 3 year old has had croup 4 times, he has large adenoids and are…

Hi, my son is 3 and has had 3 ear infections, which is was prescribed antibiotics for. The doctors said one of his ears has a lot of wax build up and is quite scared. I a…

Im 17 years old and I have a cluster of verrucas on the bottoms of my toeson my left foot and only about 1 or 2 on my right, im really really embarrased and never have to…

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I am 14 - female - found some worms ages ago then they just went away - now I have them again and I'm scared- my mum has thread worm treatment in the cupboard buying don't know what order to take them in and the whole family need to be treated and I don't want my mums boyfriend an my sister to find out coz they will call me dirty and make me feel uncomfortable :( I have school on Tuesday and I don't wanna go in if I have worms :( help me!!

Scored a 32. I was diagnosed with Autism as a 2 year old, though the diagnosis changed to Asperger's at 13. It's a very simplistic test and shouldn't be used for self-diagnosis. Though if you do suspect you might have AS or Autism, do see if you can get a professional assessment. There is no medication for Autism as it is a neurological condition that you are born with and not a mental illness, but behavioural therapy is an option. An interesting test, to be sure. But certainly no diagnostic tool.

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