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  1. This video explains the new born baby checks that are carried out after the birth of a newborn.
  2. In this video Dr Christian discusses allergies: what they are, what their consequences are, and how they can be treated.
  3. An extended look at the realities of bringing up a child suffering from severe epilepsy.
  4. From spots to patches, and in many different shapes and sizes, rashes take the topic for this video.

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Episode 4

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4

The doctors see cases of constipation, phobias and excessive dribbling, whilst Dr Christian tackles the country's obesity problems.

Misshapen head

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 3

In episode 3 the doctors deal with a curved spine, allergic reactions and a child with a misshapen head.

Episode 2

Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 2

The clinic open its doors with cases of hip dysplasia, warts, alopecia and a very itchy bottom.

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Hi i have just noticed my nearly 6 years old forskin is so tight that when u pull it back theres only a tiny hole and u cant see the head of his penis, hes not complaing …

I used to tip toe walk and had my leg in traction as a result for months when I was 6/7 yrs old. This never stopped me and continued to tip toe well into my 20's. I have …

My 7 year old has really bad head lice I have tried most lice treatment but I have to be careful as she has asthma but I can't get rid she has had them constantly for abo…

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Clayton 13 my fore skin comes back when my pension is big but slips back in after

I got a 27 too. As I see it --- it means you see the world a bit differently than others. This may create some challenges because some (many, in truth) may not understand your perspective. I know this was true in my teen years. Having a slightly different perspective on the world has been something I have been able to leverage into an advantage and into success. The things the world tells you are "weaknesses" can be strengths in the right context.

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