Embarrassing Bodies Kids: Episode 4


Suha is one of 10 million people in the UK that suffer from a phobia. Mum Marianne thinks it’s the creepy crawly insects and butterflies on that shower curtain that scare Suha. Insects are one of the most common phobias, along with animals and injections. Suha is sent to see child mental health specialist, Nancy Secchi, to treat her phobia through play therapy.

The EB team would like to thank:

Nancy Secchi, Child Mental Health Specialist
Kaleidoscope, Lewisham Centre for Children and Young People
The British Association of Play Therapists

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I am nearly 16 and have a phobiea of having a blood test, i simply refuse to have it done. I wouldnt say i have a phobiea of needles because i would much rather a needle in the bicep (if the top part of my arm is called the bicep)of my arm than a veiny part of my body. It just makes me cringe to even lay my arm out straight with my wrist facing up and if anyone grabs my wrist with there fingers grasping my veins i'll literally GAG OUT LOUD, i can't even think about it without crossing my arms. i tryed to have a blood test at one point way over a year ago, i could'nt help my hystericle behaviour, i was crying before i was even in the seat, i could'nt control my breathing and i was just all over the place scared to death and could'nt go through with it. I need a blod test. It would be so amazing and extremely hepful if anyone could give an answer that would help my phobeia in anyway please x =D please dont leave any sarcastic answers thank you x

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