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    Eczema, also referred to as dermatitis, is one of the commonest skin complaints in kids and adults and it can range from a mild irritation to a chronic affliction. Read more →

    Mt grandaughter has had nits for over 2 years, she also has dermatitis in her head, we have tried everything to get rid of them but still she has them.

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    A Nitty Gritty Comb, A bottle of conditioner or olive oil and lots of time a paitience combing every strand of hair

    use a vinger then a good half hour comb thats what i done wiv my kids

    I have had Dermatitis on the back of my ankles and on my left arm I tried everything , Doctors were not much help gave me the normal creams , in the end i found that E45 anti itch cream works ,but even cheaper and helps to relieve the problem,is Cyder vinegar it stops the itching ,and cyder vinegar with green tea helps inflamed skin, they really do work when using green tea make about half mug and leave tea bag in for a fair time so that it is a strongbrew add cyder vinegar and bath area with cotton wool soaked in solution,

    Hi Tracey, I sympathise with you/your son - my 17yr old son has been suffering from eczema for the past 3-4yrs. It came from out of the blue. He is an asthma suffer, and dermatitis is/has been in both sides of the family. He hasn't got much of a life because of eczema - he just stays in his bedroom most of the time so not to aggravate the condition. He says his body feels as though it overheats, day and night, even in the cold, prickling? The sun or normal daily activities also seem to aggravate that. I was told there was no food allergy tests, and even phoned the hospital to see what I could do. Apparently there are food allergy tests, but these are only for younger children, and if my son had a food allergy, then this would have manifested itself. I have also mentioned several times that at 13yrs his older sister became anaphlaxic towards some fresh fruit/vegs, eg uncooked carrot as I thought this may have some relevance, but obviously not. Over time our doctor has prescribed to my son steroid cream for the worst areas and then various emollients, etc for everyday use, and has told him of the importantance of everyday use. He says that some creams can make it worse/doesn't work. He says when he sheds most skin, this is usually before his skin appears to get better, but never disappears. His skin is very dry, and to be honest on closer examination looks older than his tender years. In the early days he also used silk body/stockings/gloves. Luckily, his school was understanding and his friends etc did not rib him. It is a very 'personal' condition that became difficult for him ot hide. At that time the eczema was apparent from foot to his shirt neck line, but began to creep up his neck and for the past few years has also been present on his face, and still all over his body. He says he applies creams properly, but he is literally covered from head to foot, and his education has suffered because of it. My sister has recently suggested antihistimines, but I don't recall these ever being part of his medication, even though he has found it difficult to sleep at night. He also avoids contact with water as much as possible. He is now at college and says that a few hours a day is manageable but finds a whole day is difficult - I fear that his college education will now suffer? It is difficult for anyone to deal with this nasty condition, but I feel for your son, as a young adult, has begun to bloom in his own right - eczema has got a lot to answer for!

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