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    Otitis media

    Otitis media is an ear infection which causes fluid to build up in the middle ear, behind the eardrum, and it's sometimes referred to as 'glue ear' because of the sticky mucus it generates. Not surprisingly it often causes earaches, but also headaches,… Read more →

    I have a 9 year old daughter who suffers with at least 1 ear infection every 2-3 months. Up untill beginng of last year I was told to give her antibiotics and paracetamol then last year they started to swab the year and was given ear drops. A few months ago the doctor told my daughter to blow her nose regular which she does but as my doctor has told her to do this on a few occasions now my daughter tends to hide the fact she has earache as she's emmbarrased to be told to blow her nose. Have asked my doctor to reffur her to an ent specialist but they dont seem to be listening. she often gets a thick mucus coming from her ear. I don't know what else to do please help?

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    my daughter is 6 and was diagnosed with 2 glue ears after her drum perforated. or gunge popped out in simple terms. i noticed she had trouble hearing me and had a appt with ent people set up just prior to the gunge incident. she may grow out of this but she has to pop her ears a lot like you would do on a plane and has to be careful when its cold as when she catches a cold her hearing is poor. all we can do is get her tested at ent clinic every 6 months and tell all her teachers to speak closely or facing her to guarantee she has actually heard them. family are well aware.

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