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  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    We all know there are times when kids can't sit still or concentrate properly, but ADHD is a behavioural disorder that makes it hard for kids to focus on what they are doing, resist distraction or even control what they say. Read more →

    I also fidget a lot. But what i do is occasionally shake my leg or foot which is less noticable if you are in an exam. This may help you. I'm not particularly sure about the talking to yourself as I do not know anything about that but i hope my advice helps you with your fidgeting and good luck with your exams!

    my son is 5 and has bad mood swings from crying for no reason (he said it was because he loved me) to lashing out at children he bit another child at school homework is a real challenge to finish and even simple tasks at home IE getting his shoes can take four or five attempts as he'll go but then start doing something else and hes always fidgeting twirling and jumping unless hes playing on the computer or watching his favorite dvd then even when called he wouldn't even blink u end up actually have to turn him to face you he was very slow with his speech and potty training and still frequently gets up at night the teacher has commented on his bad concentration i took he to the doctor but she has said it just him being a boy I'm not so sure any advice please

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    hi i would take your son to specialist because my daughter had every symptom on there and much more if it is adhd they will give you medicine its nothing to be a shamed of and also they can help him mabie behaviour classes to show him the right way to behave and you never no he might be better in a bit see how he is and just help him as much as possible my daughter is 13 now and she has behaviour classes and medicine but see how he goes

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