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    Fibromyalgia (sometimes referred to as FM) is a condition which causes a throbbing, aching pain in muscles and tendons anywhere in the body. Read more →

    I'm 15 year's old,i'm a healthy person and had to go to the doctors oftern to sort out why i can't sleep (cause of insomnia) which is extremly effecting my life.Im late to school everyday because of it and i collapse alot. For about 2 years now i been drinking alot more recently but still feel then need of drinking more. I get through 12 letres of water every day, i urinate alot more and it's gradualy taking my life. My appitite has dissapered im not eating as much only sweet thing's. Im constently tired as well i know i have symptoms of diabetes but i don't no if i do, for two years i have begged my mum to take me to my doctors or the hosptial and she never does she skips my appointment's when im due for my check up, she just wont listen, what the hell do i do because my dad wont take me nor would my mother and im sick of it i want to get checked up if i leave it, it could become worse.

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    At 15, you can now go to the doctors appointment on your own.

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