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  • Tooth decay

    Dental Hygiene

    Tooth decay is caused by plaque, which is a general build of unswallowed food, saliva and bacteria that ends up clinging to the teeth. Read more →

    My 8 yr old has green colour plaque appearing on his bottom 4 middle teeth. I can't brush is off and it's a real green colour, like I've never seen before. Could it be a defiency possibly?

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    bathe in T-Gel for a hour. it works. i hae plaque and teardrop psoriasis and its all oer me and i used to do this and it works. now i have to use steroid based creams because it went pustular due to high stress and more things i cannot discuss. but bathing in t-gel will get rid of it. bathe for an hour and you may see a difference. just dont forget to moisturise afterwards as well

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