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    Eating Disorders

    For both anorexic and bulimic kids, weight loss is an obsession. Anorexics won't eat, will appear significantly underweight (15 per cent below their recommended body mass index) yet believe they are fat. Read more →

    I have been watching channel 4 programs regarding these issues and I am very upset that other less common eating disorders are practically ignored!!! I started binging and purging when I was a child. I failed badly at purging and soon my desire to 'perfect' my body came to an intense dislike and hatred toward it. I saw myself as extremely ugly and binged for many reasons to comfort and to punish. I began binging, no purging, because I thought I was so ugly and fat that there was no point in even trying to purge. Everytime I gained weight I would panic and turn to binging as a way of comfort whilst hating myself for it. It became a vicious circle. I was later diagnosed with binge eating disorder and it has taken me 10 years to get to a state of being a little bit 'over weight'. My psychiatrist hadn't even heard of it. I hoarde and hide food, can't eat a whole meal in front of others and privately binge. My teeth are discoloured because of acid reflux and when confronted with a large amount of food I feel very depressed. My relationship with my body image and food is horrible. The idea that eating disorders = purging non stop is just wrong! Eating disorder means eating disorder; issues with eating, be that too much, too little, restrictive etc, who underlying emotional issues. To ignore that fact makes those who secretly suffer with other eating disorders (binge eating disorder, compulsive eating disorder, other rarer and unusual pattern of eating disorders etc.) feel isolated. As a child had I gone on here I would not have found my problem because you're not mentioning it! Get this page sorted!

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