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    Meningitis is an infection that causes tissues round the brain and spinal cord to become swollen, reducing blood flow to the brain, and in its most severe form –bacterial meningitis - it is an extremely dangerous, potentially life threatening con… Read more →

    Hi my 22 month old has had very high temp since friday 15/06/12, however, she has been off her food and drink since sunday, her temp sunday was highest 40.3, she has no other symptoms apart from shivering and runny nose, her temp goes up and down. Today same thing, no eating, wanting comfort and to sleep majority of the day, hardly drank and hasnt eaten again today, her highest temp today was 39.4, again her temp is up and down. She has seen two different doctors one said viral infection and the other says bacterial, ive been giving nurofen and calpol alternating the medication, sometimes her temp goes down afterwards but then then will go back up. Im worried and not sure where to go from here as she is so weak.

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