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    All babies and young childen dribble or drool until they learn to swallow their own saliva, and it's an important part of their development: saliva helps keep the mouth clean and enables us all to swallow food and to talk. Read more →

    Hi My son is now 7 hes was diagnosed at just under 18 months - the "bloated" stomach is a sign that it common in younger children with Cd. If i was you id go to your GP and ask for a blood test and see the dietician thats attatched to your surgery, its very hit and miss getting sorted in our case one hospital said my son was in so much pain due to teething...6 weeks later at a diferent hospital he was admitted and seen by a consultant within 72 hrs hes now a happy little boy who as he gets older is learnnig more and more about his condition

    Hi I have a 2 year old boy who is always constantly dribbling. Thishas been going on since he was about 4months old when he started teething which I believe is normal but since the age of 20mths the dribble as become more and im using so many tops vests in the day. It goes all through and is drenched the dr as put it down ro teething but iv noticed a lot of my friends kids that are theaame age dont have this problem. I noticed that he puts a d in front of words but wasn't sure if this waa normal for his age he doesn't close his mouth which iv noticed more when his concentrating on something. Is there anything I can do to stop this aa it's quite embarrassing when im out and makes him sore on his chin.

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    Try Bonjela for age 2 months + or dentinox teething gel. This is suitable for the smallest of children. Its only the adults version that has the chemical the can cause Reyes syndrome, according to the GP. Hope this helps :)

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