Clinic Consultations

  1. Nits

    Clinic Consultation: Headlice

    A girl with a severe infestation of headlice comes to the clinic to see Dr Christian. Watch this video→

  2. Fussy eating

    Clinic Consultation: Fussy Eating

    A young boy comes into the clinic as his parent's are worried about his fussy eating. Watch this video→

  3. Coeliac disease

    Clinic Consultation: Coeliac Disease

    A young girl comes to the clinic complaining of some bothersome bowels. Watch this video→

  4. Birthmark

    Clinic Consultation: Birthmark

    A boy comes to the clinic with a birthmark that he's concerned might be getting bigger, Watch this video→

  5. Warts

    Clinic Consultation: Warts

    A clinic consultation featuring treatment for persistent warts. Watch this video→

  6. Clinic Consultation: Itchy Bottom

    A clinic consultation that looks at a possible anal fissure. Watch this video→

  7. Bedwetting

    Clinic Consultation: Bed-wetting

    A clinic consultation that look at some persistent bed-wetting. Watch this video→

  8. Alopecia

    Clinic Consultation: Alopecia

    A clinic consultation that looks at the treatment possibilities for alopecia. Watch this video→

  9. Asymmetric head

    Clinic Consultation: Asymmetric Head

    A look at the operation to correct a child's slightly asymmetric head. Watch this video→

  10. Allergy

    Clinic Consultation: Egg Allergy

    A clinic consultation looking at the treatment options available for egg allergy. Watch this video→

  11. Tip toe walking

    Clinic Consultation: Tip Toe Walking

    An clinic consultation that looked at child who had problems walking on the flats of their feet. Watch this video→

  12. Hirsuitism

    Clinic Consultation: Excess Hair

    A clinic consultation with a young lady suffering from a worrying case of excessive hair. Watch this video→

  13. Clinic Consultation: Constipation

    A young girl with constipation comes to see Dr Christian. Watch this video→

  14. Phobia

    Clinic Consultation: Phobia

    A young girl comes to the clinic with an insect phobia that is preventing her going to the toilet. Watch this video→

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